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Infiniti Goes To Europe

Posted in New & Coming Models by jonas on the April 2nd, 2008

Finally the Nissan’s luxury devision are turning to Europe with a bunch of sporty executives and crossovers. Will it have more luck than Lexus, their Japaneese friend as well whose sales are pure pity in Europe. At least, Infiniti still lacks diesel options that seem essential for mather Europe.

Suzuki Ultra-Mini For Europe Built In India

Posted in New & Coming Models by jonas on the December 11th, 2007

Suzuki, a minor Japaneese manufacturer, plans to try some more luck in Europe with a new ultra compact A-class model. To cut the costs down to the limit, the new car will be built in Maruti Suzuki, the Indian plant mostly owned by Suzuki. Will it ever be a noticeable competitor to the already announced Volkswagen and Toyota ultraminis?

New Honda Jazz

Posted in New & Coming Models by jonas on the October 1st, 2007

New Honda JazzThe all-new Honda Jazz - the genius of the small cars - is about to hit the road. Its predecessor has been stupendously successful, the Honda guys showed the world how to build small cars. And now the new model. The overall styling is similar to that of the latest Mercedes A-Class and it is rather a compliment for a Honda. Under the skin, the five-seat hatchback is based on a development of the chassis which underpins the current model.

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